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One of the things I love about ecto is that the definition of the shape of your data and the validation logic are hardly coupled at all. The benefit of this design evident in a concept as simple as user accounts.

We'll go through four things that happen to a user account, and illustrate how ecto makes things flexible, maintainable and easy!

Conference Talk

Because Elixir and Phoenix borrow so many good ideas from the Rails ecosystem, it’s astoundingly easy for Ruby developers to become proficient in this powerful new set of tools. First, I’ll introduce Phoenix from a Rails POV, and then show two ways it can be used in conjunction with Rails.

Conference Talk

In a distributed system, the complexity and challenges that accompany asynchrony, consistency and concurrency make it particularly difficult to build a UX that wows your users.

We'll look at some manifestations of these challenges, and show that, with a small change in how we think, it's easy to arrive at a great result.