Modern JavaScript

JavaScript is flexible enough to do just about anything, and while this is one of its great strengths, it's also what makes best practices less clear. This deep dive into the fundamentals and latest advances in the language will help you learn how to make the most of it!

Modern JavaScript

Performance & Tooling

Improved performance almost always correlates to improvements in key business metrics. We’ll look at JavaScript performance from all angles, including shrinking and simplifying your production builds, figuring out when your code is de-optimized in modern javascript runtimes and more!

  • Performance & ToolingAdvanced Debugging Tools & Techniques

    Chrome and Node.js have recently undergone major advancements in their debugging tools. We’ll learn how to make the most of these tools, and demonstrate how life is now a little easier when it comes to debugging async code, or long chains of promises.

  • Performance & ToolingEXERCISE: Finding and fixing a few pesky bugs

    We’ll eradicate some bugs that would traditionally be very difficult to identify and track down.

  • Performance & ToolingPerformance Testing

    We’ll learn about the new performance audits, how to read and act on the results of a flame chart, and how to instrument a piece of code so that you get accurate and consistent results.

  • Performance & ToolingEXERCISE: Measure and Improve Key Metrics

    You’ll be given a few functions that can be substantially optimized. Measure them, identify the slow parts, and make a quantifiable improvement!

  • Performance & ToolingBreak

    Coffee break

  • Performance & ToolingHigh level architecture of a modern JS runtime

    We’ll take a quick look at the architecture of the V8 Runtime that ships with Google Chrome and Node.js. In understanding how V8 Runtime works and how it tries to speed up our code, we’ll learn about patterns we need to avoid.

  • Performance & ToolingEXERCISE: Finding and fixing de-optimizations

    Using the guidelines for writing fast JavaScript, and new techniques we’ve learned about when code becomes “hot” or “cold” again, let's identify and fix some performance bugs.

  • Performance & ToolingWrap up and Recap

    Our final rap up with a full-course recap, suggested reading and learning to take this new knowledge further!