Ember-CLI Basics

Ember-cli is truly a world class build tool, and it's more capable and versatile than most people think!

Ember-CLI Basics

Broccoli Basics

Broccoli is a fast, robust and portable asset pipeline, built with ember-cli in mind. It uses node's fs module as it's API, and is deliberately designed to steer users away from potential snags.

  • Broccoli BasicsWelcome & Kick Off

    We'll go through the day's agenda, and highlight some goals for the training.

  • Broccoli BasicsStandalone Use with Broccoli-CLI

    Broccoli has its own CLI, and although it's missing some of the stuff we take for granted in ember-cli, it can be useful to look at broccoli independently, in order to understand where it ends and where there rest of ember-cli begins

  • Broccoli BasicsDebugging & Developing Plugins

    Broccoli plugins can be thought of as streams, or lazily evaluated pieces in a functional chain. Because of this characteristic of laziness, we must take a different approach to debugging, relative to how we treat synchronous client-side code. You'll be provided with suggestions for an easy and intuitive broccoli plugin development workflow, that will maximize time spent getting results, and minimize time spent scratching your head.

  • Broccoli BasicsEXERCISE: Building your first Broccoli Plugins

    We'll put our newfound skills to use, and build our first two broccoli plugins


We'll focus most of our time on concepts and tacts that you'll actually use in your app.


Nearly 50% of our time will be spent writing code, and putting new knowledge into practice!


We'll dissect some things you already use and can relate to. No unrealistically-rosy toy examples!