Ember-CLI Basics

Ember-cli is truly a world class build tool, and it's more capable and versatile than most people think!

Ember-CLI Basics

Stage One Broccoli Basics

Broccoli is a fast, robust and portable asset pipeline, built with ember-cli in mind. It uses node's fs module as it's API, and is deliberately designed to steer users away from potential snags.

  • Duration: 120 minutes

Stage Two Apps & Addons

The contents of your ember-cli-build file is on center stage when consuming ember-cli's asset pipeline features. We'll dive into some features exposed by way of the EmberApp and EmberAddon objects, using some familiar tasks as case studies.

  • Duration: 210 minutes

Stage Three Codegen & Commands

Ember-cli's blueprints and command features are incredibly powerful, and are tremendously under-utilized in the ember community. In this unit, we'll explore:

  • How apps (and addons contained therein) can extend ember-cli
  • How arguments passed to ember-cli on the command line make it into your blueprint or command
  • Testing on the node.js side
  • Duration: 165 minutes


We'll focus most of our time on concepts and tacts that you'll actually use in your app.


Nearly 50% of our time will be spent writing code, and putting new knowledge into practice!


We'll dissect some things you already use and can relate to. No unrealistically-rosy toy examples!