VS Code

Visual Studio Code is a modern, lightweight and full-featured code editor, built from the ground up to suit the needs of web developers - JavaScript developers in particular. In this course, we'll dive deep into using, customizing and extending it.

VS Code

Extending It

Now that we know how to use and customize Visual Studio Code, we'll learn to write our own extensions

  • Extending ItAnatomy of a VS Code Extension

    It's easy to create a starter project for several types of extensions: code snippets, themes, and language support. We'll look at the automatically-generated code for each of these, and set our sights on writing our own extension.

  • Extending ItEXERCISE: Write a code-snippet extension

    Build your own code snippet extension.

  • Extending ItEXERCISE: Write a theme

    Build your own editor theme.

  • Extending ItWrap up and Recap

    We'll recap everything we've covered today, and highlight some resources for further research and learning.