TypeScript Fundamentals

Adding strong typing to large JavaScript apps with TypeScript helps reduce bugs, and keep developers on the performant and maintainable path. We'll look at recent advancements in the JavaScript standard like classes and decorators; some new tools for managing asynchrony; and then dive into TypeScript to add static typing to the mix. In this course, you'll learn everything you need to know to be set up for success when using TypeScript to build a modern web app.

TypeScript Fundamentals

Why TypeScript?

Adding types to JavaScript in a way that’s convenient requires considerable finesse. We’ll walk through how TypeScript’s compiler works, and the benefits that teams who use the language will enjoy.

  • Why TypeScript?Welcome and Setup

    We'll introduce ourselves and meet each other, and ensure everyone is properly set up for the course.

  • Why TypeScript?Strange JavaScript & The Benefits of Types

    JavaScript has some quirky characteristics that can lead to considerable confusion, particularly from those who come from a background using a strongly-typed language like C++ or Java.

  • Why TypeScript?Using the TypeScript Compiler

    The Typescript compiler is a robust tool for turning your code into JavaScript. We’ll look at how the tool is typically used, and the vast array of important configuration parameters we can tweak to get just what we need.

  • Why TypeScript?EXERCISE: Compiling TypeScript into JavaScript

    We'll use our knowledge of the tsc command to compile some TypeScript files into appropriate JavaScript code.

  • Why TypeScript?Coffee Break

    Coffee Break