Sass Fundamentals

Sass, and other preprocessors were created for a reason: CSS becomes tedious to write and difficult to maintain as an application becomes more complex.

Sass Fundamentals

Stage One Sass Fundamentals

While there have been recent major advancements in the way we organize the JavaScript in our modern web applications, CSS has comparatively hardly evolved at all. Instead, many teams rely on preprocessors such as Sass, Less, PostCSS, Stylus and others. These are essentially extensions of the foundational CSS concepts, which are compiled into regular CSS at build time.

In this course, we’ll start with regular CSS, and quickly layer on new capabilities and tools that will change the way you think about your app’s styles. Quickly, after moving on from the basics, we’ll start to see how style can be parameterized and re-used, avoiding repetition and redundancy, while keeping everything readable and maintainable.

Next, we’ll look at directives that bring imperative code concepts into stylesheets, like looping, conditional blocks and more. Finally, we’ll experiment with building our own Sass extension, where we can add new vocabulary and capabilities to the way we express styles.

  • Duration: 510 minutes