Phoenix for Rubyists

Phoenix Framework draws heavily upon important foundations in the opinionated web frameworks that came before it, like Ruby on Rails.

Phoenix for Rubyists

Working With Data Structures

Earlier we outlined and worked with several different types of data structures. Let's take a closer look at some ways

  • Working With Data StructuresEXERCISE: Map, Filter, Reduce

    We have a program that starts with a list of objects read from a file. Using the built-in functions available in the Enum and Map modules, filter out "inactive" items (objects where the "active" attribute is not true), and then log a list of object names to the console.

  • Working With Data StructuresTaming List Enumeration with Comprehensions

    Often we find ourselves looping over something enumerable, mapping values into another list, and potentially filtering out some unwanted items. Comprehensions use a generator and a filter to provide some excellent syntactic sugar for this kind of task.

  • Working With Data StructuresEXERCISE: Comprehensions

    Take another pass at the previous exercise, and use a comprehension to devise a concise solution.

  • Working With Data StructuresLunch

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