Ember Octane Essentials

The release of Ember's Octane Edition breaks nothing while changing everything. This leap forward in support modern JS and TS language syntax, dramatic simplification of the programming model, and continued dedication to 'stability without stagnation' set the stage for a new generation of opinionated single-page apps.

In this workshop, we'll build an Ember Octane app from scratch, staying focused on two core concepts: routing and Components. Along the way, we'll have plenty of opportunity to conquer state management flow challenges and learn about data flow, employ a variety of mechanisms for effortlessly handling user interactions, and leverage Ember's powerful, performant and declarative handlebars templates.

Ember Octane Essentials

Performance & PWA

Making a blazing-fast ember app is easier than ever. We'll tap into the power of Ember's rich addon ecosystem to add a service worker to our app, allowing it to work offline, and fastboot for a fast server-rendered initial page load. In the end, we'll have a 0.2 page load time on desktop class browsers, and 0.7s over a 3G network connection on mid-range mobile devices!

  • Performance & PWAServer Rendering With Fastboot

    We'll install Fastboot, Ember's server-rendering technology, to work our way towards a lightning-fast initial page load time. To get there, we'll need to ensure that most of our app can run either in Node.js or a browser

  • Performance & PWAProgressive Web App

    We'll leverage the power of Ember's rich addon ecosystem again to install a service worker, allowing our app to boot up quickly regardless of network conditions, and even work offline for already-seen data!

  • Performance & PWAWrap-up and Recap

    We'll recap everything we've learned throughout the day, and discuss resources for additional self-directed learning.

Learn how to apply modern JavaScript and TypeScript language syntax like native classes, decorators, generators and async functions to modern Ember apps

See, first hand, how Glimmer Components are just as capable as Ember Components, while being simpler, easier, faster and smaller

Understand how the mental model of how data flows through your app has changed in a big way with Ember Octane

Revel in the ease of writing unit, integation and acceptance tests with Ember's first-class testing infrastructure

Study several handcrafted examples that highlight easy patterns for worry-free state management