Ember Pro

We'll go way beyond the fundamentals, tackling topics like authentication, advanced debugging techniques, server-side rendering, modular app design.

This course is designed to help developers already familiar with Ember.js to unlock the true power of the framework.

Ember Pro

State Management I

Particularly when working in an environment like the browser, where some things are fast, and some things are really slow, it behooves us to set some state management ground rules, so we don't run into trouble as our app grows in size and complexity.

  • State Management IAddressable State

    Addressable state is essentially anything that's directly represented in the browser's URL. Poorly managed addressable state can lead to problems, where the browser's back button doesn't do what your user expects.

  • State Management IEXERCISE: Bookmarkable list filters

    Add a feature where we can type a name fragment in our project's search field in order to filter the list of records.

    • This should be done in a data down, actions up way
    • Reduce the number of API calls made if you can
    • Ensure that you don't break browser history
  • State Management IWrap Up & Recap

    We'll recap everything we've learned today, and set our sights on more topics for tomorrow!

Serious Complexity

This course doesn't shy away from real-world problems. You'll tackle challenges around modular architecture, performance, asynchrony and more!

Deeper Understanding

Having deeper conceptual understanding of how Ember works is essential in order to take your skills to the next level. This course is a huge step in getting you there.

Catalyst Course

This course is designed to serve as a springboard for supercharging your self-driven education. We'll leave you with a reading list on deeper topics, so the learning can continue!