Ember Pro

We'll go way beyond the fundamentals, tackling topics like authentication, advanced debugging techniques, server-side rendering, modular app design.

This course is designed to help developers already familiar with Ember.js to unlock the true power of the framework.

Ember Pro

Professional Patterns

Knowing how things work is one thing, but knowing how they're used by experts in the wild will help you learn the easy way instead of the hard way.

  • Professional PatternsWelcome & Recap

    We'll recap everything we've learned so far, so it's fresh in our minds.

  • Professional PatternsCRUD Mixins

    There are several types of repetitive routes that most apps end up needing for the following purposes

    • Creating a new record
    • Updating an existing record
    • Showing a record
    • Showing a list of records

    We'll devise a common abstraction for each of these, and DRY up our code by establishing some conventions within our project.

  • Professional PatternsEXERCISE: CRUD Mixins

    Let's DRY up our routes for showing a list of records, and the route for creating a new record, by building some general purpose mixins.

  • Professional PatternsES2016, ES2017 & ES2018 in Ember

    You're no doubt aware of new language features coming to the JavaScript world, but since some of us have years of experience writing ES5 code, it's hard to develop new habits that take advantage of the new stuff.

    We'll look at some ideal places to apply destructured assignment, enhanced object literals, ES6 classes, async/await and more, with a specific focus on how the new ideas mix well with Ember.

  • Professional PatternsEXERCISE: Async/Await

    • Rewrite our logout logic using async/await
    • Write an acceptance test for visiting a record and comment on it, using async/await
  • Professional PatternsValidation

    ember-cp-validations takes an approach to validating ember-data records (or really, any Ember.Object subclass) that's built entirely using computed properties. We'll look at how to apply this library, customize error messages, display them on the screen, and even integrate with ember-data to surface server-side errors in the UI.

  • Professional PatternsEXERCISE: Client-Side Comment Validation

    Implement clients-side validation for comments, where anonymous comments must be less than 140 characters, but non-anonymous comments can be up to 255.

  • Professional PatternsLunch

    Break for Lunch

Serious Complexity

This course doesn't shy away from real-world problems. You'll tackle challenges around modular architecture, performance, asynchrony and more!

Deeper Understanding

Having deeper conceptual understanding of how Ember works is essential in order to take your skills to the next level. This course is a huge step in getting you there.

Catalyst Course

This course is designed to serve as a springboard for supercharging your self-driven education. We'll leave you with a reading list on deeper topics, so the learning can continue!