Ember Basics

Ember.js boasts unparalleled developer productivity, an unwavering focus on making web development fun and easy, and some of the best build tools in the world. We'll cover all of the important fundamentals you need to know, in order to successfully get up and running.

Ember Basics

Routing & Top-Level Templates

One of the important ideas at the core of Ember is URL-driven application state. Great state management is what makes the difference between single page apps that delight users, and those that frustrate them.

  • Routing & Top-Level TemplatesRouter & Routes

    We'll study Ember's Router, and examine its conceptual foundation as a finite state machine, and introduce the concept of Routes, a hierarchy of objects that perform transitions between router states.

  • Routing & Top-Level TemplatesTemplate Basics

    Each route has a top-level template paired with it, representing part of the view hierarchy of a particular "page" in your single-page application. For now, we'll treat templates as a superset of HTML. We'll introduce the powerful {{link-to}} helper as a means of building internal URLs.

  • Routing & Top-Level TemplatesExercise: Static Data in Routes & Placeholder Templates

    We'll learn how to decompose the design of our app into a hierarchy of routes and top-level templates. For now, these templates will return static data, but we'll build in a means of navigating between pages, examining the types of transitions that take place in a variety of situations.

  • Routing & Top-Level TemplatesHandlebars Helpers

    Handlebars helpers provide a mean of bringing declarative logic into our templates, including iteration through arrays, conditionals and more! We'll examine different ways of building helpers, covering use cases for both bound and unbound varieties. Finally, we'll introduce the powerful concept of subexpressions, which allow helpers to be composed together.

  • Routing & Top-Level TemplatesExercise: Bound & Unbound Handlebars Helpers

    We'll build one bound and one unbound handlebars helper, as part of our large project.

  • Routing & Top-Level TemplatesLunch

    Break for lunch

Key Fundamentals

We'll cover all of the important concepts you need to know in order to take advantage of everything the framework has to offer. From the routing layer to components and composeable handlebars helpers, we'll show you how to build quickly and sustainably, without accruing much tech debt at all!

No Toy Examples

Courses based on small and easy examples cheat students out of the experience of learning how to solve real-world problems. All of our courses are built around meticulously crafted multi-stage projects, with the goal of giving you exposure to the kinds of challenges you'll face when building an app of your own.

Underlying Ideas

In this course, we'll go way beyond just a simple "how to", and explain why things work the way they do, and how each individual concept fits into the way we build apps of various shapes and sizes. Ember aligns with modern web standards, and we'll be sure to point out these alignments along the way.